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Our Community

The Prosper Independent School District is one of the fastest growing school districts and communities in the state of Texas. The district consists of 14 elementary schools, 4 middle schools, and 3 high schools. PISD is proud of its commitment to being student-centered as well as to achieve excellence in all programs; academics, fine arts, athletics, and all other co- and extra-curricular organizations.

Prosper ISD Bands

Walnut Grove High School
Directors: Tanner Smith, Elayna Youngson, and Lindsay Vasko


Reynolds Middle School
Directors: Loren Taylor, Dylan Dann, Ian Bassham, and Justin Matthews


Rushing Middle School
Directors: Jarred Dodd, Brandon Holt, Kaitlyn Norwood, and Hayden Gish

Prosper High School
Directors: Aaron Renzenbrink, Aaron Dugger, Sarah Jahnke and Shane Snyder

Rock Hill High School
Directors: Nathaniel Neugent, Riley Kirwan, Madison Hughes and Chris Retschulte

Hays Middle School
Directors: Ben Aune, Kara Pritchett, Nicki Neugent, and Alejandro Alvarino

Rogers Middle School
Directors: Joshua Ferman, Connor Neugent, Katie Reeves, and Caleb Hinz


Prosper ISD Director of Fine Arts: John Alstrin

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