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Practicing Guidance


Questions to Ask Yourself Before Practicing

  • Do I have chair that will allow me to sit correctly at all times?

  • Do I have a stand that will allow me to have correct posture at all times?

  • Do I have all necessary equipment (instrument, mouthpiece, ligature, reeds, water, sticks, mallets)?

  • Do I have a working tuner and a metronome?

  • Do I have a plan for what I am going to practice and how?

  • Do I know exactly how I want to sound before I play my instrument?

Recommended Music Stores


Brook Mays Music
6921 Independence Pkwy Ste 210
Plano, Texas 75023
Click HERE

Duo Music Shop (Clarinets)
4913 Plantation Ln
Frisco, Texas 75035
Clarinets Click HERE

Bocal Majority (Double Reeds)
420 N Coit Rd Ste 2015
Richardson, Texas 75080
Oboes Click HERE
Bassoons Click HERE

The Reynolds Band is a proud supporter of our local music stores. For specific questions on what to purchase, please consult the instrument specific supply lists and ask a band director and/or your private lesson instructor.

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