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Private Lessons are Crucial For Student Success!

Private lessons are one of the cornerstones of the Reynolds Middle School band program. All Reynolds Band students are highly encouraged to enroll in private lessons.  The PISD band staff has assembled a phenomenal staff of instructors for your child. Private lessons offer your child a unique experience that he or she cannot receive in the regular classroom setting.  If you choose to participate in our private lesson program, your child will meet one-on-one with a specialist on his or her specific instrument once per week at a time arranged with the lesson teacher. Lessons are 22-30 minutes each and can happen during band class or before/after school. During this time your child will have 100% of the instructor's attention. These lessons will be geared toward helping your student become a truly outstanding musician by teaching him/her to improve his/her unique individual musical needs. While we as a band staff strive to work with each student regularly, nothing can beat the dedicated weekly individualized session offered by a private lesson session. Private lessons are essential and they greatly contribute to a student's individual musical success. Scroll down to enroll in private lessons today! 

Lessons at A Glance

Cost:  $23 per 22 minute Lesson or $25 per half-hour lesson

Length:  20-30 minutes

When:  During class or before/after school

Lesson staff members are vetted by the district

Limited scholarship is available (email Ms. Taylor)

Private Lesson Endorsement

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Need Financial Support?

We are committed to making sure our students have what they need in order to be successful both musically, and financially. The Prosper Band Booster Club offers financial aid to those who qualify. Contact Ms. Taylor for more information about Private Lesson Financial Aid.

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